About us

Anwar Issa and his wife Farida came to America by way of Pakistan in 1980, and originally settled down in Chicago with no more than two thousand dollars to start a life.

The following two years in Chicago, Anwar and Farida had two children, Imran and Matt. To support his growing family, Anwar worked as a cab driver and a bus boy, often working long hours just to make ends meet. But in 1982, the Issa family moved to Dallas, Texas, where their lives would change forever.

New to Texas, Anwar quickly came upon a business opportunity, and found himself with an inventory of timepieces. He began selling his watches out of his family’s apartment, and became a door-to-door salesman.

With support from his wife Farida, Anwar found the watch business quickly expanding and took his timepieces to a flea market called Traders Village in Grand Prairie. Here, he found success, and a victory that lead the Issas to the founding of their own company, Time World, in 1984.

After decades of growth and success, Imran and Matt Issa eventually joined their father’s company in 2003, further contributing to the American dream that is Time World. With great management and a helpful staff, Time World keeps alive the hard working spirit of the inspirational immigrant family who started it all.