Womens Watches(Women)

Our selection of women’s watches includes many metal watches in various styles. These women’s watches are mostly typical metal link watches, although other women’s metal watches we carry include cuff style metal watches. Cuff style metal watches are shaped like a metal bracelet and have a watch face attached. These women’s watches can either slide on the wrist or they can be fitted around the wrist. Other options for metal women’s watches include bangle style watches, which are designed like a traditional metal and bead bracelets.

Our selection of women’s metal watches include medium width metal link watchbands in traditional metal watch colors like gold and silver, as well as other tints and variations, such as white, pink, pewter, copper, and two-tone metal options. All of these ladies’ watches can come with a round or circular watch face. While metal link watches are a traditional style for a watch, other styles for women’s watches include cuff watches, which look like solid metal bracelets with a watch face. Some of these women’s cuff watches are one-piece metal bands, while others bend at the watch face to fit around a variety of wrist shapes and sizes. These metal cuff watches can be embellished or cut into different shapes, much like an ordinary bracelet. Similarly to cuff watches are bangles watches, which come in regular and western styles. Bangles watches, also designed like bracelets, are studded with rhinestones. Western style bangles watches have various combinations of metal and stones to look like western style jewelry.

Not all women’s watches come as metal link watchbands. We carry many styles of women’s stretch band watches, which have metal watch parts strung together on two pieces of elastic to hold the watch together. Our women’s stretch band watches are medium to large thickness and are made out of various metal materials and beads.