Watch Tools & Parts

When you're making watches or repairing watches, having the relevant tools and replacement parts on hand is necessary. In our selection of watch products, we carry various watch repair tools and parts. As many fine tasks go into putting together a watch, specific tools are needed for each. Our selection of tools includes watching knives, stoppers, pliers, link removal tools, clippers, band adjusters, back compressors, and screws. All of these tools are sold separately but, if you need a full set, we carry a watch tool kit with all of these items inside.

Aside from the tools themselves, we carry various basic watch repair parts. Even if you don't have a business repairing watches, watches you sell in a store may become broken, and having spare parts of a watch is necessary. In our selection, we have replacement metal and leather watch bands and, for the watch faces themselves, spring bars. Other watch parts we carry include alkaline watch batteries and plastic display cases.