The Revolutionized Flat Wallet (Thick Wallets, Cell Phone Pockets, Zippers, Chains and Straps)

Our selection of flat wallets includes a variety of wallets, including standard flat wallets, flat checkbook wallets, and “revolutionized” flat wallets. For the latter, a “revolutionized” flat wallet has the same form as a standard flat wallet, including dimensions of 7.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide with thickness of three-quarters of an inch, but includes additional features. A “revolutionized” flat wallet, on the surface, is a flat wallet with a strap and a cell phone holder, but additional features also include a front zipper pocket. Inside one of our revolutionized flat wallets, the flat frame wallets have various compartments and pockets for cards, coins, bills, and a checkbook.

Even with the expanded size by an added cell phone pocket, one of these revolutionized flat wallets is still small enough to fit inside a handbag or a larger purse. However, as a flat wallet with a strap, one of these revolutionized flat wallets can also be worn as a small purse or clutch in case a handbag is too big. The styles we carry for these specialty flat wallets include many patterns, ranging from flat wallet polka dot patterns to faux leather flat wallets on metallic colors, patent leather surfaces, and animal print styles. Our selection of animal print revolutionized flat wallets includes both crocodile and snake skin prints. Aside from the styles themselves, our revolutionized flat wallets come in a variety of colors, from browns and black to brighter colors, such as a blue or hot pink flat wallet.