Stretch Band Watches

Stretch band watches simply watch with all parts of the watchband connected by elastic bands – usually two or more elastic bands. Both men’s and women’s watches can come with an elastic, or stretch, band with metal pieces fitted onto the band. While men’s stretch band watches typically have various gold or silver-colored metal pieces strung together on elastic cords, women’s stretch band watches have various beads, rhinestones, and metal attached, allowing for many colors, design, and style options for women’s watches ranging from standard and slightly embellished watches to costume jewelry-like watches.

Our selection of stretch band watches includes many materials strung along two elastic bands to form the watchband. With our selection of women’s stretch band watches, the materials used include various combinations of colored stones, rhinestones, various size beads, metal pieces, and shell-like materials. In addition to having more color options than simple gold and silver watchbands, these colorful beaded watch bands can be made of a combination of large beads and small beads, with some watchbands made entirely of large beads and others looking like small seed beaded bracelets. Other options include square block watches, which include square beads in various bright colors, including antique-style glass options, with two elastics running through the watchband. With almost an infinite possibility of material and color combinations, the options available with stretch band watches for women are endless.

Aside from elastic and beads, other options for stretch band watches include watchbands made entirely out of elastic fabric and men’s watches with metal watch pieces strung together on elastic. These men’s elastic, or stretch, band watches look much like standard metal watches but, instead of every metal watchband piece linked together, two elastic bands are holding the metal parts and the watch face together. Many of these watch designs have a classic watch look but at a fraction of the cost.