Speciality Watches

Specialty watches are unique watches with styles and patterns not typical of traditional watches. Some might be more intricate than others, such as our specialty bead and wood watches, while others are representative of the current period, such as our selection of President Barak Obama watches, and others are geared toward a specific style or subculture, such as our selection of biker watches. Our specialty watches range from particular styles to certain materials used to make a unique or creative watch.

Many of our specialty watches are made with a unique array of materials. While a traditional watch is made with a leather or linked metal watchband, our specialty watches have watchbands made from small, stone-like beads; chrome bezel glazed to look like ceramic; marcasite; sterling silver; and wood. While our store has many watchbands made from beads, our specialty beaded watchbands are made entirely of beads, including small, stone-like beads strung together on elastic and larger glass beads. Similarly, our wood specialty watches are made of small wood beads strung together on elastic bands, although some wood watches are designed to have a faux wood band to look like a solid wood bracelet. Other options for a cuff bracelet watch include a sterling silver thin wristband, a detailed marcasite wristband, or a ceramic tile designed wristband made out of glazed chrome bezel.

Aside from the materials used to make watchbands, our specialty watches also include Obama watches and biker watches. For the latter, biker watches are designed as large leather watchbands with rounded or pyramid studs covering part of the watchband, with a chain attached from one side to the other of the watch face. Our selection of Obama watches, on the other hand, takes a traditional watch form with a leather watchband and round watch face. The watch face displays a picture of President Obama, as well as other patriotic images with him.