Pocket Watches

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Need a watch that says vintage style? Our selection of watches includes many pocket watches, many of which come in a leather pocket watch pouch. A pocket watch automatically has a vintage look, and our selection is characterized by antique style pocket watches, including solid gold pocket watch designs similar to well-known Waltham pocket watch designs, as well as more ornate railroad pocket watch designs that have trains etched into the meta casing of the pocket watch. A vintage pocket watch is an alternative to wearing a wrist watch, and mechanical pocket watches, like wrist watches, are the most common.

Whether a pocket watch is carried in a pants or vest pocket or kept in its leather pocket watch case, mens pocket watches make up the bulk of our pocket watch selection. Our selection includes vintage pocket watches, antique pocket watches like Waltham pocket watches, and modern pocket watches. Our pocket watches come in a variety of designs, but all come with a gold or silver case. While silver is the preferred metal for modern pocket watches, a solid gold pocket watch is more traditional. Gold pocket watches come with a matching pocket watch chain and a black or brown pocket watch case.

Although a solid gold pocket watch is the prototypical pocket watch, our pocket watches can come etched with an image on the case. The most common is a railroad pocket watch in gold, silver, or gold and silver variations. Each railroad pocket watch has a train in detail, as well as an accompanying landscape behind, etched on the case of the watch. This design can either be a solid silver railroad pocket watch or a gold train on a silver background railroad pocket watch. Aside from trains, other popular designs for pocket watches include an eagle, a fish, fishermen, or horse racing.

Mens pocket watches are the most common types of pocket watches, but we also carry women?s pocket watches. These particular pocket watches are gold pocket watches with a matching pocket watch chain and a pattern of butterflies in colored stones on the cover of the pocket watch.