Metal Band Watches

Metal band watches are common watches for both sexes. Both men?s and women?s metal band watches are available in both silver and gold colored bands, as well as combinations of both. As a watch can be considered part of one?s personal style, our selection of metal band watches for men and women includes thin to large watch band widths, as well as a variety of matching watch faces. When choosing a metal watch, our selection of metal watches for men and women include many options, whether you prefer silver or gold colors.

Our selection of men?s watches includes both silver and gold metal watch bands and watch faces. Some men?s watches, especially Ottimo brand metal band watches, combines both gold and silver metals on the band, with a line of gold links flanked by silver links on both sides. While the sizes of the metal bands and metal links can vary, one common theme in our selection of men?s watches is a religious theme for the watch face, including the Virgin surrounded by stones. But, a stone dial in the watch face isn?t just available on religious themed watches, and our selection of men?s metal band watches includes both stone dials and cut glass options for the watch face.

When choosing a women?s watch, not only are gold and silver metal colored watch bands available, but stones have been incorporated into the metal watch bands in many of our watch designs. Our women?s watch bands include a silver chain-like band with a turquoise or brown-colored stone filling in each metal link ? much like a bracelet. These western-style toggle bracelets come in many size stones and shapes of chains, with both square and round shapes available. These types of watch bands are, much like the men?s watches, available with a religious themed watch face. Aside from these stone bands, other women?s metal watches include ornate silver and gold chain watchbands and mesh watchbands. Metal mesh watchbands also come in colors such as yellow and pink, as well as standard gold and silver, and can be a thicker band of metal mesh or a thinner string of metal mesh supporting the watch face.