Metal Band (Women)

While many women’s watches are metal, many of our ladies watch in metal have a bracelet style. These bracelet watches all involve metal in their design, either by having solid metal forming the watchband and watch face or by metal being the base for the design of the watch and other materials, such as glass beads or rhinestones, decorating the rest of the watch. Our selection of metal watches for women includes many styles, with the most basic watch bracelets being silver or gold-toned watchbands and a watch face of a similar shade. Some of these gold or silver-toned women’s watches are designed like traditional or men’s watches but smaller or the metal forming the watch bracelet has another style, such as metal mesh or a costume jewelry style. Costume jewelry-like metal watch bracelets for women often contain other materials embellishing the metal. A costume jewelry-like watch bracelet can have semi-precious stones or enamel inlay decorating each link of a watch bracelet or the metal can be decorated by glass beads and rhinestones.