Men Wholesale Watches

If you have been searching for men’s watches, our store has a variety of men’s watches, including both leather and metal watchband watches in a variety of styles. Our men’s watches can be standard black leather strap watches or specialty watches like biker watches or diver watches. Our selection has many options for watches for men, ranging from basic and simple designs to ornate watches with studs or rhinestones for extra bling.

The simplest watches we carry are our leather men’s watches. All of these watches have a basic watch design with a thin to medium leather strap in black or another color and a square or round watch face with a standard clock design. While some leather watchbands can have an alligator print, most of these leather watches are a solid color with a simple watch face. Similarly, our selection of metal watches takes a basic square or round watch face and attaches a metal watchband. These bands can be silver or gold-colored, or a combination of both, which is the case with watches by brand Ottimo. However, for additional features, some of our metal men’s watches are diver watches designed to handle being exposed to water and ice watches, metal watches with watchbands covered in small rhinestones for additional bling.

Other options for bling watches are available in our selection of urban contemporary watches. This selection of men’s watches includes basic faux leather watches in black, white, or primary colors and watches in the other aesthetic extreme, bling watches. These bling watches are, essentially, loaded with ice on the watchbands and watch face, covered with additional small rhinestones for a metal, gold or silver, and diamond look. Additional features for bling watches include caps over the watch face in dollar–sign or other shapes.

Aside from bling, our men’s watches include other specialty watches, such as dual time and biker style watches. For the latter, biker watches often consist of a thick leather watchband covered in round or pyramid studs with a chain occasionally attached to both sides of the watchband. However, some biker watches can be all metal, with thicker metal bands composed of larger, darker–colored metal pieces. A dual time watch, on the other hand, is much like a sports watch, only it contains two watch faces, one for the hour and minute and the other one for seconds and milliseconds. In addition, our selection of men’s watches also includes digital men’s sports watches, as well as other digital men’s watches with standard and LCD screens.