Children need to tell time, too, and to help them, we carry a variety of children’s watches for both boys and girls. All children’s watches have a standard clock watch face and come with a plastic patterned strap band to keep the watch on. While we carry children’s watches in specific girl and boy colors and patterns, some can be for both boys and girls. In addition to carrying many watch patterns, we carry cartoon character watches with popular cartoon characters like Dora the Explorer and Winnie the Pooh on the watch face and watch band. From animals to flowers and stars to sports to cartoon characters, we carry many options for children’s watches to make learning to tell time fun.

Our most common children’s watches are plastic strap watches. These children’s watches consist of a round watch face and a patterned watchband with a solid background. The patterns that we have include patterns for both boys and girls, with some such as sports or flowers specifically for either a boy or girl. Other patterns for children’s watches include dogs with bones, soccer balls, bears, the alphabet, numbers, and dolphins, with background colors ranging from red, pink, and yellow to blue and green. We carry these types of patterned watches by standard makers and also by name brand Trendz. In addition, we have a line of animal and farm animal patterned watches consisting of not only the animal pattern on the watchband but the animal on the watch face, as well.

Aside from many patterns for boys and girls watches, we carry a number of cartoon character watches featuring popular cartoon characters. The watches we carry include Dora the Explorer watches, Care Bears watches, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles watches, Spongebob Squarepants watches, Thomas the Tank Engine watches, and Winnie the Pooh watches. These watches are either standard clock watches or digital watches, and both the watch face and watchband display the respective cartoon characters.