Flat Wallets(wallets)

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Among our many products we carry are wallets for women. Our selection of wallets includes many clutch–style wallets, as well as flat wallets that can hold items including cards, a checkbook, and a cell phone. These wallets come in a variety of patterns and styles made to match many of our women's handbags and women's clutches. From small change purses to larger wallets for women, we have a wide selection of wallets that can fit in a handbag or a purse. Our wallets are made from a variety of materials, including leather and imitation leather designed to look like alligator or snake skin.

Clutch–style wallets are smaller flat wallets that fit inside a clutch. Our selection of clutch–style wallets includes leather wallets in solid colors, including red, tan, black, and white colors, and in basic patterns like stripes or plaid to match your clutch. Our clutch wallets are made of leather or faux leather, and our faux leather wallets can come in imitation animal prints such as alligator or snake skin in a variety of colors. In addition, for a smaller size wallet, we also carry hobo or change purse style wallets that can hold coins and a small roll of bills and will fit inside a clutch or pants pockets.

The majority of our selection of wallets includes flat wallets, which are long and thin and fit inside a purse or handbag. We carry standard brand and Kristine flat wallet brand wallets, both of which are made in leather, faux leather, and cloth and can hold bills, cards, and a checkbook. A standard size flat wallet typically is 5.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide by one-half inch thick, although we do carry mini flat wallets that are five inches long, 3.5 inches wide and one-half inch thick. A mini flat wallet, however, is made for cards, coins, and bills but is too small to hold a checkbook. More elaborate versions of a flat wallet that we carry include a “revolutionized” flat wallet and a tri–fold wallet. A “revolutionized” flat wallet takes a standard size flat wallet that can hold a checkbook and adds front zippers, a chain strap, and a cell phone pocket. A tri–fold wallet is a standard tri–fold wallet that folds out on itself and has more storage space inside for cards, bills, coins, a checkbook, and any other small items.