Displays & Packaging

When storing or displaying watches, a watch display case or watch rolls can keep your watches in order. Whether you need a watch display case for personal or retail use, our selection of items to display, store, and package your watches includes watch rolls in velvet, plastic, and felt finishes to store your watches and keep them curved; large watch display cabinets with four or five tiers of plastic watch bands or rolls for storing your watches; and individual watch boxes. Other options for storage and display include peg display boards for both standard watches and watch faces.

To store and display the largest amount of watches, a watch display case is the most economical option. A watch display case is essentially a cabinet with a door that can lock and, inside, are watch rolls or shelves with plastic watch bands for storing up to 50 watches. While a case with plastic watch bands is fit for an exact number of watches - 48 for our largest watch display case - others with watch rolls in velvet, felt, or plastic can fit between 40 to 50 watches. Watch rolls, another common display mechanism for watches and bracelets, are sold separately as three to five tier stands.

For displaying smaller amounts of watches, a display board can display any number of flat watches by pinning or attaching the watches or watch faces to the display board. When selling a watch individually, a watch box is necessary for the watch, and we carry watch boxes in solid and window boxes. A watch box can securely hold one watch inside, and a window watch box can display the watch without having the box open. In addition, if you need a plastic watch band to keep the curve of the watch, we carry separate plastic watch bands to be used inside shelved watch display cases and individual watch boxes.