Our selection of desk clocks includes many decorative and ornament clocks for your desk in crystal and metal shapes. Each crystal display desk clock we carry comes in a decorative shape, including horse, golf ball, and flower shaped decorative desk clocks. Each desk clock features a small timepiece displaying the time, much like a watch face but attached to a decorative ornament for your desk. Each desk clock, in addition to being ornamental, features a base supporting the ornament and the clock that will sit flat on any desk surface.

Our more prominent desk clocks are crystal display desk clocks, but we also carry perfume desk clocks. Our crystal display desk clocks come in distinct crystal horse shapes, and the time piece for each desk clock comes in a metal watch face attached to the base of the clock. While most of our crystal display desk clocks have a round, metal ball timepiece, our perfume desk clocks have a heart shaped timepiece that is the center of the desk clock. For a simple, smaller desk clock, we carry metal desk clocks shaped like golf balls and displaying the watch face directly in its center. For a discreet way of displaying the time on your desk, one of these all-metal desk clocks can blend in with the rest of your desk items and display the time.