Beaded Watches and Stretch Band Watches

Beaded watches are one type of popular jewelry watch for women, and these usually consist of a bracelet or elastic band with glass beads or semi-precious stones. Our selection of beaded jewelry watch styles is made up of women’s watch styles, although these beaded fashion watches come in a few specific styles. These beaded watches consist of a silver or gold watch face and an accompanying watchband that is usually a stretch watchband or a cuff bangle watch style bracelet. For the former, two elastic bands are attached to both sides of the watch face and on the elastic bands are glass beads or semi-precious stones in various color combinations.

The other option for a women’s watch is a cuff watch bracelet. This type of ladies beaded watch consists of a metal band in silver or gold tones, and this metal band is decorated with various semi-precious stones and glass beads. However, a cuff style watch bracelet for a women’s watch can also be made up of smaller beads weaved together to form a less rigid cuff. For this type of cuff watch bracelet, the beads used range from being small glass beads to seed beads to wood beads that are woven together with elastic and attached to a watch face.