Animal Watches

Out of the many types of inspirational watches we carry, we have animal watches in casual strap watch styles and bracelet watches, including stretch and bangle watch styles. While these are typical women's watches, many of these animal watches can be men's watches, as well. Our selection of animal watches includes many strap watches with a colored leather or faux leather watchband and an animal-shaped watch face. These animal-shaped watch faces are usually silver watch faces, occasionally embellished with rhinestones, and have a flip-top. In the case of our cat and dog animal watches, the flip-top watch face is shaped like the animal or animal's face and reveals the watch dial behind the animal's face. This type of style animal watch is also available in giraffe and zebra patterns.

Aside from traditional strap watches for men and women, other animal watches we carry include casual watch styles and jewelry watches. Jewelry watches can be charm bracelet watches, bangle watch styles, and cuff watches. These jewelry watch styles can have animal-shaped charms or, as a stretch band watch, can have a watch bracelet with dog pictures along with the band. As fashion watches, these animal jewelry watches can be worn as a casual watch to remind you of your favorite pet or animal.