Accessories and Parts (Batteries, Jump Rings & Bracelets).

When you need accessories and various smaller parts for your watch faces, our watch accessory section has various necessary watch face accessories for all types of watches, including charm and beading watch faces and ribbon watch faces. Our selection of watch accessories includes display boards to display your watch faces, replacement tools and parts for watch faces, and watch bracelets and bands that can attach to many watch faces.

Our replacement parts for watch faces are various and necessary, especially if a watch face or watch needs repair. Our watch face parts include various silver and gold-colored loops for ribbon watch faces and spring bars for spring bar watch faces. Spring bars are available in sizes from 8mm to 22mm for various sizes of watch faces. Other watch parts include leather watchbands and bracelet watch bands, including bands for charm watch faces. In addition, we carry tools to repair a watch face, including watch knives and batteries. A watch knife is particularly helpful in opening the back of a watch face and in replacing a battery. For our battery selection for watch faces, we have both lithium and silver oxide watch batteries.