Watch Faces (Watch Faces & Accessories)

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Our Available Watch Faces & Custom Watch Faces

Watch faces are sold separately, either to attach to a watchband or to simply be worn separately. Our selection of watch faces includes both double loop watches to fit over a thin watchband or attach to a watch bracelet and pendant watches that can be attached to a necklace or a loop on a charm bracelet. These watch faces can be separate or attached to a watch and all watch faces come battery powered already. In addition, our watch faces come in a variety of materials much like our selection of watch bands, with watch faces made with silver, gold, rhinestones, enamel, and antique-style metals.

A wide selection of watch faces & materials are available

Our watch faces come in a variety of metals, including contemporary and antique-looking metal watch faces. Our contemporary watch faces include both gold and silver watch faces, and a contemporary metal watch face, whether made out of gold or silver, has a smooth appearance, even if the watch face is square. An antique watch face, on the other hand, has an aged appearance with an elaborate edge around the watch face. Our antique metal watch faces come in copper, gold, silver, and marcasite metals. In addition, metal watch faces come in colored varieties, called color cases, and rhinestone varieties, with an edge of rhinestones and metal surrounding the watch face.

Choose from custom watch faces & specialty watches

Many of our watch faces can be considered specialty watch faces. Our selection of specialty watch faces includes mostly metal watch faces with some variation, including charm bracelets and pendant watch faces. A charm bracelet watch face, for example, would attach like an ordinary charm to a bracelet, while a pendant watch face can be put on a necklace or any type of cord. Our selection of pendant watch faces includes both single and dual time watch faces. A single time watch face can be made with Hebrew numbers or Roman numerals, as well. Other options in our specialty category include jumbo watch faces, which are larger than a typical watch face, and multi-hole watch faces, which have two or three holes on both sides of the watch face. This latter watch face would be ideal for a stretch or elastic band watch with two or three elastic strings attached as a watchband. In addition, our selection of watch faces includes small watch faces called ribbon watch faces that are no larger than one inch long and a half of an inch wide.