Solid Bar or Ribbon Watch Faces -- Best Selling!!!!

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Out of our many different types of watches, we carry watch faces with a hole, loop, and solid bar attachment mechanisms for a bracelet or a watchband. Watch faces with a solid bar are usually called ribbon watch faces, although “scarf watch faces” is also used to describe these watches. Ribbon watch faces can have a solid watchband attach to either side, as these solid bars are built into the watch face and a watchband could attach easily. Our selection of ribbon watch faces includes metal silver and gold watch faces, as well as gemstone ribbon watch, faces in small and large sizes and lock shaped watch faces.

The best way to describe the attachment mechanism for a ribbon watch face is a square loop or a solid bracket attached to both sides of the watch face. This ribbon watch faces, in addition, come in many varieties, but all watch faces have the same type of attachment for a watchband. The selection of ribbon watch faces we carry include both round and square watch faces with a metal or metal and gemstone watch face. These ribbon watch faces also come in a variety of colors, with metal ribbon watch faces having a tinted dial, and sizes, with a jumbo ribbon watch face being 1.75 inches wide and 2 inches long. Similarly, our ribbon watch faces include lock shaped watch faces, which are designed to look like a combination lock with a clock.