Silver tone

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A significant amount of our watch faces are silver watch faces, and this includes both silver-plated, silver-tone, and sterling silver watch faces. Silver is a common material and color for many watch faces, and this includes beading watch faces, as well as loop and solid bar watch faces. Silver, either a color or sterling silver watch faces, can have many design options, including both simple and elaborate watch face frames, a rhinestone border for gemstone watch faces, and modern and antique styles.

Although our selection of silver watch faces includes silver-tone and sterling silver watch faces, the sterling silver used for these watch faces is 925 sterling silver, and this includes Trendz and Geneva watch faces. Our sterling silver watch faces are our highest quality watch faces and can come in a number of styles for small and medium-sized watch faces. For silver-tone watch faces, however, many more design options are available for a watch face, and this includes watch face frame styles and watch dial colors. For the watch face, many of our silver watch faces are sterling silver gemstone watch faces, with a band of rhinestones — clear or colored — around the edges. These sterling silver gemstone watch faces can have a matching color watch dial, although our other silver watch faces without rhinestones can also be accompanied by a colored watch dial in such colors as ivory, black, red, blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow in matte and metallic hues. In terms of the style of the watch face, our silver watch faces are made to attach to watchbands and bracelets and come as a solid bar, loop, or beading watch faces. Further, our silver watch faces come in small, medium, and large watch face styles, with the latter being twice the size of a standard watch face.