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Many of our watches faces come in seasonal or inspirational designs, often with a simple design on a white watch dial with a silver watch face. Our inspirational and seasonal watch faces have the same type of format, generally, and come in designs for several holidays, as well as inspirational themes including breast cancer awareness and religion. Our selection of inspirational and seasonal watch faces includes both large watch faces and small watch faces with a loop, hole, or solid bar attachment mechanisms for the watch face to attach to a watchband or a watch bracelet.

Many of our seasonal and inspirational watch faces have the same format, with a silver watch face and a white dial depicting a small image. These images include an American flag; a yellow angel; a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness; Christmas images including a tree, Santa Claus, and snowmen; a three-leaf clover for St. Patrick‘s day; and a small red heart for Valentine‘s day. Not all of our seasonal and inspirational watch faces are designed in this manner, however, and other options in this category include religious and animal-themed watch faces. For the former, our selection of religion-themed watch faces includes Christian images, including cross-shaped beading watch faces. Our selection of animal watch faces, in addition, has sterling silver watch faces shaped like animals. Our cat-shaped watch face, for example, is shaped like a cat, and the watch dial is behind the cat's face.