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Many of our watch items are on sale periodically. Our recent sales consist of various men’s and women’s watches at ten to forty percent off, as well as other watch items, including discounted watch faces and watch gift sets. Our selection of watches on sale at the moment includes both men’s watches and women’s watches, with a variety of choices for both. Our selection of men’s watches on sale includes standard and traditional watches with metal and leather bands, as well as some men’s specialty watches. Our men’s specialty watches on sale currently are our selection of biker’s watches, which consist of a thick leather watchband, various metal studs, and occasionally a chain accompanying a larger watch face. Our selection of women’s watches on sale includes both bracelet watches and cuff bangles watches in many styles. For styles for both men’s watches and women’s watches, we have on sale slap watches and strap watches.

Aside from general watches, our selection of sale items includes various watch faces and gift sets for both men and women with jewelry included in the gift set package. In addition, other items on sale include scarves, ribbons, and ties for both men and women. Many of these watch accessory and gift set sales items range in discounts from ten to forty percent off, with part of our selection of watch faces on sale for thirty percent off.