Inspirational & Special Watches

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Not only can watches be fashionable and tell you the time of day, but they can be inspirational, as well. Our selection of inspirational watches includes watches ranging from unique animal-shaped watches to religious themes to breast cancer awareness. All of our inspirational watches are designed to be symbolic for a certain cause or to be inspirational for certain beliefs, be it religious beliefs or simply love, peace, and hope.

Whether you have pets or simply love animals, our animal watches can be inspirational watches. These watches come in animal shapes, with a watch face cap-shaped often like a silver cat or dog to remind you of your own pet throughout the day while wearing it. Other options for animal watches include animal print watch faces and watch bands. Similarly, we have music print watches with music notes on cuff watch wristband for a music lover.

Our other inspirational watches have more symbolic themes, whether for a specific cause of certain beliefs. Our watches that are specifically symbolic for a certain cause are our breast cancer awareness watches. This collection of watches includes cuff and bracelet watches with the pink ribbon representing breast cancer awareness printed on the watchband and on the watch face. Other options to display your support of a cure for breast cancer include watches with pink ribbon-shaped watch faces and a chain of enamel and metal pink ribbons linked together. Other symbolic inspirational watches we carry include watches with Protestant religious symbolism. Our religious inspirational watches include watch faces and watchbands patterned with the cross, the Virgin, a Jesus fish, Jesus Christ, and the Ten Commandments. Aside from religion, we carry watches with general inspirational messages of love, peace, and hope. These watches can be a watch with an enameled peace sign bracelet to watches with "love" and "hope" engraved on various metal panels of the bracelet.