Contemporary Beading Collection

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Beading watch faces come in antique and contemporary styles, and our contemporary beading watch faces include various sterling silver watch faces. This contemporary beading watch faces in silver can either come as a blackface watch or a white dial watch face for fully sterling watch faces. All of these sterling silver beadings watch faces, including both fully silver and two-tone watch faces, come as round or square watch faces, but one common design between all of this beading watch faces is that all are thin, narrow watch faces designed for a watch bracelet or thin watchband.

Either fully silver or two-tone silver and gold watch face come in contemporary styles. These small watch faces, in order to be part of a beaded watchband or watch bracelet, have small holes on each side — some with one hole and other with two small holes. As a contemporary style watch face, all of these beading watch faces are designed with a simple style. Generally, this contemporary Geneva watch faces highlight their metal surfaces, especially the sterling silver watch faces, and have little ornamentation along the edges. In addition, sterling watch faces come in two options — a white or black face watch to match the silver frame.